Who we are


Nonprofit Civil Society Organization, sponsor of the programs: Youth Center, Guaçatom music group, Informatics and Crafts. Located in Caucaia do Alto, Cotia District, SP, Brazil.


Legal representative: Dr. Paul Gottfried Ledergerber




Founded on March 9, 1985 from an idealization of SACA (Caucaia do Alto Friendly Society), in which Dr. Paul Gottfried Ledergerber participated.


Construction of the "Happy Child" nursery began in 1986 and in 1989 when its facilities were inaugurated.


The second phase of the project began in 1994, when the first class left preschool to enter the first grade of public education. The "Happy Child" Youth Center was inaugurated, which aimed to continue the work of daycare and preschool among egressed children, complementing the education offered by the municipality, serving children and adolescents from 7 to 14 years old during the part-time public school, offering as activities the reinforcement school, music, arts, sport, handicraft and scouting Due to lack of financial resources, the "Happy Child" Youth Center was partially closed in 2001, maintaining only musical activities with the Guaçatom group.


In 2009, the day care and preschool activities were terminated and the service was passed to the municipal public network, and the "Happy Child" Philanthropic Association may return to the Youth Center project by restructuring the activities offered, aiming at the education and socialization of children and adolescents in the city. 6 to 16 years old when not in school.



Ensure the rights of children and adolescents, reinforcing self-esteem and strengthening identity for the exercise of citizenship.



Raise in the community the number of conscious, active and responsible young people..

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