The Guaçatom group started in 1994 during the musical activities of the OSC Youth Center Philanthropic Association Happy Child offered to the low income community of Caucaia do Alto (Cotia / SP). Guaçatom, considered one of the most prominent social projects in the Southeast region of the country has been spreading the Brazilian musical culture in Brazil and abroad (France, Italy, Taiwan, Switzerland) through shows and music workshops.


The OSC Happy Child Philanthropic Association was founded in 1985 and is headed by Prof. Dr Paul Ledergerber, supported by Verein zur Förderung Kinderkrippe bei São Paulo- Brasilien and collaborators.


The Guaçatom, whose name is inspired by a plant (guaçatonga) from the Mata Atlantica region used for phytotherapeutic purposes, uses a language permeated by the tradition of rhythms and melodies of Brazilian popular culture and experimentation, developing the exploration of sound objects, body percussion. and improvisation. In the rhythms of crying, frevo, maracatu, samba, forró, baião, ciranda, march, great national composers like Guerra Peixe, Pixinguinha, Villa Lobos, Egberto Gismonti, Luis Gonzaga, Edu Lobo, Jacob do Bandolim, Hermeto Pascoal are great references in repertoire of young musicians.


The group is composed of 21 members who sing and play transverse flutes, sweet flutes, sax, clarinets, vibraphone, metallophone, general percussion (zabumba, tambourines, implements, boxes, deaf, sound objects), body percussion, piano.


Isa Uehara (Music Direction)

Ana Paula Fabricio (Musicalization / Sweet flute)

Jesus Welington (Musicalization / Percussion)

Paulo Oliveira (Wind)




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Jog Vibratom


Palácio de Convenções Anhembi
Palácio de Convenções Anhembi


Jog Vibratom



In 2018 "Guaçatom Climbing the Ladeira" is one of the national semifinalists of the 13th edition of the Itaú Unicef ​​/ Escola Integral 2018 Award, continuing the previous musical project.


In 2017 the musical project "Guaçatom Climbing the Ladeira" was selected as a regional finalist at the 12th edition of the Itaú Unicef ​​/ Integral School 2017 Award, a partnership of the Philanthropic Association "Criança Feliz" & EM Mayor Ivo M. Pires.


In addition to external actions with performances, interventions and musical workshops in the public schools of Cotia, the Guaçatom group performed at Sesc units (Santos, Santo Amaro), in addition to other events in partnership with Paulo Padilha, a musician from São Paulo.


In December 2016 they participated in the Christmas festivities (il Natale nel cuore) in Cerretto Guidi / Italy with the Folias de Reis in partnership with Trio Maria Fumaça (coordinator Priscila Ribeiro). Palazzina dei cacciatori / La vie dei presepi.


In October 2016, they were selected for the Imagine Festival - Brazil / France- Regional Semifinal –Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) / Projeto Guri /


On February 27 and 28, 2016 participated in the FILC (International Festival of Language and Culture) among young artists from 16 countries - Turkia Cultural Center / State Department of Culture SP - Auditorium Ibirapuera / SP


In September 2015 won for the second time the 1st place in the 3rd Orff Music Festival 2015- Jog Vibratom.


In April 2015 they toured Italy (the communes of Tuscany), Switzerland (Zurich, Wangs, Rapperlsvill), Spain (Barcelona) performing at schools, cultural centers and public squares.


In July 2014, they performed at PUC and NGOs in Porto Alegre during the 31st World Conference on Music Education as guests of ISME (International Society Music Education).


In August 2013, they won 1st place at the I ORFF 2013 Musicalization Festival promoted by Jog Vibratom.

They performed a musical intervention at the 30th SP International Biennial in the Dialogues and Provocations program (September) and as guests of the Educative.


They took part in Mostra Brasil 2012 (May) as one of the 7 selected from the CEPP (Center for Public Policy Studies) notice from May 19 to 24 in Rio de Janeiro (Carlos Gomes Theater, Tiradentes Square and Historical Center dependencies).


They toured Italy (Florence, Pontedera, Empoli, Cerretto Guidi) and Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Wangs, Mels) from April 17 to May 3 in cultural centers, squares and public schools.


In 2011 they held the opening of the show by Arnaldo Antunes and Mariana Aydar at the Ibirapuera Auditorium (external) with the Arte Viva Orchestra, conducted by Amilson Godoy.


In 2011 release shows of the second CD GUAÇATOM in Sesc's and cultural centers in SP.


In 2011 release of the DVD "A song to help more people", participation in the recording with vocals / instrumental and acting for the PNEF / Ministry of Finance Campaign of the Child and Adolescent Fund, directed by Celso Viáfora and Rafael Altério.


In 2010, they participated in TV Bandeirantes's "Adoniran, 100 Years on the Mouth" Series in the centenary of composer Adoniran Barbosa.


In 2008 they participated in the Commemorations of the Centenary of Japanese Immigration in Brazil with presentation at the Anhembi Convention Palace.


In 2006 they are selected by the Edict / Music of Caixa Cultural (CEF).


In 2005 they are regional semi finalists of the Itaú / Unicef ​​Award.


In 2003 they were selected by the Buddha's Ligth International Association for the 1st International Buddhist Music Competition in Taipei, winning the Best Style Award, and spreading Brazilian music in various cities of Taiwan / CHINA REPUBLIC. In the same year they received the Latin American Solidarity Group São Domingos Award.


In 2002 they exchange with students from Italy, performing in communes in Tuscany. They then head to Paris / FRANCE with performances at the Fête de la Music, Chinese Culture Center and Brazilian Consulate.


In 2002 they opened the 15th IPA World Conference / Association for Child's Right to Play (Unicef) at the Latin America Memorial.


In 2000 they released the 1st multicultural children's CD. They recorded the opening of the special "Calendar of Sound" on TV Cultura, invited by musician Hermeto Pascoal.


In 1997 the group was selected for the 1st Latin American Meeting of Music Education in Salvador / Bahia.